Monday, July 13, 2009

the two Ts for the day

lately i've been remembering great things from spring semester. there was one night when a small group of us had walked to get food & smoothies from charleys and then the boys played chess outside. arielle got a danish but couldn't finish eating it. on our walk back we passed a homeless man and arielle said she wanted to give the danish to him, but was too afraid to go up to him herself. so i took the danish and we both went up to him. i can't explain the expression on his face and his words of gratitude. my absolute favorite thing was when he said "bless you. God is good!" he was so thankful for a half eaten danish and it made me realize that i am clearly not thankful nearly enough. correct me if i'm wrong, but i feel like that's the case for a lot of us. i know that i tend to wake up with an attitude that is slightly sour, instead of an attitude that's excited for a new day full of possibilities. i know i know... it's obviously easier said than done, but why can't we try harder?? i know i should anyway. even if it's just thinking of one thing every morning for one year that you're thankful for, that's probably a good 200 more times that you've taken the time to be thankful. sure, lots of things happen in our lives and in this world that upsets us or causes us pain, but there's a reason for all of it. if we can just TRUST that and be THANKFUL for the goodness in our lives... there's a chance we could all be much happier. nothing wrong with that. right?

ps. i miss new york more than anything ever.