Thursday, August 27, 2009

you call me a mountain and i call you the sea

seasons are changing... people are going along on their merry ways... and we find ourselves either bored, alone, anxious, or if we're lucky... all three. that's just how it is, i suppose. i personally, have been quite anxious lately. i'm trying not to be. so instead i've been looking at pictures from the summer and remembering some of the beautiful days from the past few months. this summer i made a number of new friends, some of which grew very close to my heart, and my favorite moments were the ones we shared when we would take late night walks.
we always took the same path.
we would turn around at the point where the road ends and trails off into the dark mysterious woods. it was very much like a scene from twilight or harry potter. i kid you not. everytime we ended up just standing and staring off into the starry night sky and the semi-frightening woods... crickets cricketing in the background... trains (that sounded like spaceships) going by... and everyone holding hands.

it was always inevitable for one of us to comment on what a beautiful moment it was.
and it's so true! to be with some of your favorite people, looking up at a beautiful creation and feeling like your heart is at peace & full of love all at the same time. that open field feeling is a perspective that's available to all of us, if we would just look for it. (hello, artsy fartsy sentence)
all in all, it's been a glorious summer and i'm thankful for the lessons i've learned. now it's time to go back to my family of friends : )

ps. the new ingrid michaelson album kicks boo-tay. do yourself a favor and give it a go.