Tuesday, October 13, 2009

like a riot like a riot, OH!

i feel like a lot has happened in the last two weeks... i guess that's most likely me being dramatic though. shocking, right? however, i feel like my head has been through a lot. i've been going back and forth about some decisions, thinking through life, and just trying to figure some things out. but i discovered today that i became so caught up in my own thoughts, i forgot to look around at the world and just breathe. let me tell ya why.
i had a beautiful tuesday. i always love tuesdays, actually. it's a day where i can go way way uptown for a voice lesson and be in a new neighborhood, a new environment and walk a different street for the day. as i was waiting for the subway, on the way back, this older fella approached me. (i would also like to point out that his attire was possibly the most oddly/wonderful/sky blue constructed outfit i've ever seen. awesome.) he said, "do you know what the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu is?" i respectfully said no, and hesitantly waited for more awkwardness to ensue. then he told me, "for the bird flu, you need a tweetment. and for the swine flu, you need oinkment." then he just walked away! crazy! i could not stop giggling to myself for the next 10 minutes.
thankfully, this complete stranger made me realize that i take things too seriously sometimes. sure, life can be confusing... decisions are hard to make... EVERYTHING can be stressful. whatever it may be, there's a huge possibility that you're putting a lot of the stress and pressure upon yourself.
this weather is also doing something awesome to my heart. the crisp air awakens me in a way that makes me open my eyes to the world a little bit more. it's very strange... but i sure do like it.

ps. colored christmas lights make life a bit brighter. fun fun.


  1. I just love to read your posts Emma...I love the one about the difference between the Swine Flu and the Bird Flu...that is so cute.

    Take care of yourself...I miss seeing you around home.

    Your Former Neighbor
    Linda K

  2. we can read each other's blogs now!! YAYY!!